Respecting the value of time

Protecting natural resources at the heart of our heritage


Time forms part of both the House of Cointreau’s epic tale and the creation of the eponymous liqueur.

Time is needed to ensure that the sun-drenched oranges reach their full potential; then comes the time for the peel to be dried, the time to reach the right temperature in distillation to extract the heart of the Cointreau l’Unique liqueur.

    Time is essential for the creation of exceptional products.

    For Cointreau, reducing its environmental impact and respecting nature and people means taking action to protect the future of the terroirs. It means passing on healthy soil to future generations.

    And it means contemplating the long term with responsibility in mind, in order to preserve what was achieved nearly two centuries ago by the founders.

      Clear. Conceive. Choose.

      [ "Cointreau charts a clear course of action to reduce the environmental impact of our business. To achieve this end, we analyze the entire development process, in order to conceive products that are more sustainable at every stage of their life cycle. That is why, for example, we choose local suppliers whenever possible." ]

      Eco-conception of packaging

      We are particularly proud of our bottle, composed of two-thirds recycled glass. Given the limited availability of this recycled resource in France, manufacturing a more sustainable version of our iconic amber bottle presented a significant challenge.

      Eco-conception of packaging

      We continue to seek solutions to increase that percentage of recycled glass, and at the same time further optimize the bottle’s weight.
      Our bottle is manufactured by a glassmaker located in Picardie. And whether new or recycled, all our glass is sourced in France, for a short supply chain.

      Industrial waste management

      At Cointreau’s production site in Angers, 100% of waste (glass, cardboard, wood and plastic) is sorted and recycled.

      Industrial waste management

      In terms of the fruit, we collect the peel, 60% of which is now recycled by our partners to produce orange juice and candied fruit. It can also be turned into animal feed. All the peel used during distillation is composted.

      Water and energy consumption

      Since 1997, water consumption at the Angers distillery has been reduced by 45%.

      Water and energy consumption

      Our Angers site has been powered exclusively with green electricity since 2017.


      Cointreau systematically chooses the lowest impact transport options: maritime, rail, and lastly road transport, with air transport eliminated.

      As Cointreau’s Chief Executive Officer Liqueurs & Spirits, Elisabeth Tona states,

      Sustainable development provides meaning for the House of Cointreau. We endeavor to think of our environmental challenges as a source of inspiration and creativity, which provides us all with a genuine opportunity to develop the innovations of the future.

      Time by the Numbers

      • 100%

        of annual waste recycled

      • 100%

        of peel used during distillation is repurposed

      • 100%

        of renewable energy powers the Angers distillery

      • 40%

        reduction in water used to produce our liqueur since 1997


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      Respecting the value of time

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