Committing to people

Engaging with – and for – the women and men who are the beating heart of our House


The story of Cointreau is first and foremost about the people who, for generations, have worked hard to create and promote our exceptional liqueur. Our House is built on respect for the contributions and expertise of all those who bring it to life.

How does Cointreau demonstrate this commitment to people? Through concrete actions.

Cherish. Contribute. Care.


We cherish all our people.

Cointreau values and encourages the women and men who stand along with the House to promote a virtuous, responsible vision of our industry.

And we rely on trust-based relationships not only with our employees, but also with the partners, suppliers and customers with whom we share common aims.


    How does Cointreau contribute to people?

    With support in the form of agricultural advice and expertise for our farmers and producers. And by forming fair, long-term partnerships with our suppliers.


      Last but not least, Cointreau cares about society’s needs and expectations by encouraging responsible consumption through positive and respectful education.

      The way people drink is changing

      observes Alfred Cointreau, brand ambassador and 6th generation of the Cointreau family.

      The House of Cointreau is committed to promoting responsible and moderate consumption through positive and respectful education. Since 2022, it has updated its selection of recipes to create a new category called Alternative cocktails.

      These are recipes with an alcohol content below or equal to 8% and whose ingredients do not exceed a combined equivalent of 25ml of 40% alcohol per glass.

        Alternative cocktails now make up 10% of Cointreau’s cocktail menu. With the support of the international bartender community, we aim to increase this proportion to 20% by 2025.

        Alternative recipe suggestion: The Alt’Margarita clocks in at just 8° alcohol.




        Club mate


        Fresh lime juice

        Step 1

        Combine all ingredients in a glass filled with clear ice cubes.

        Step 2


        Step 3

        Garnish with a lime wheel.

        In 2021, the Rémy Cointreau Group imagined for its employees a responsible consumption ritual in 7 steps, called


        People by the Numbers

        • 10%

          of alternative cocktail recipes

        • 20%

          of alternative cocktail recipes by 2025

        • 7

          step ritual for responsible drinking,


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        Committing to people

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